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Home M&R Service

SET for the first time in Afghanistan, has the honor of Initiating Home Maintenance & Repair Service for respectful compatriot in Kabul City.

SET has established in 2007, has been providing Government Service, Facility Operation & Maintenance, Maintenance & Repair, Life Mission Support, Construction and Logistics Supply Services throughout the country.

SET has accomplished many successful projects for Afghan Government, US Army, US Engineering Corp, International Companies, and Privates Sectors in the past 12-years.

In 2016, SET sought how to deliver this high budget project service to its customer in lower prices, affordable to every small property owner to implement it. The property’s owners can get this service plan and keep their Millions Afghani worth properties being maintained all the time in a less amount of money on a monthly regular basis.

Proper & Regular Maintenance Service can keep the appearance of your property in a good-looking condition possible and extent the life period of your property longer than expected, hence SET decided to start Property or Home Maintenance & Repair Service Program for its respectful compatriot in Kabul City

SET Home Maintenance Service’ division employs professional friendly Service Team with contractor experience. Since we believe in building things right, we also believe in repairing, fixing, updating, and maintaining things right as well! What does that mean to you? It means you get a skilled contractor for the price of a handyman. Sounds pretty good, huh? We think so.

You can select the standard SET Home M&R Service package Plan or we can customize one to fit your particular needs.

We can be your personal home maintenance concierge for all your home maintenance needs… from minor repair to remodel your property SET for the first time in Afghanistan has privilege and honor of Starting Home Maintenance & Repair Service program for the respectful compatriot in Kabul City. All three packages apply to the Home/Facility under 400sqm

Home M&R Annual Monthly Service Package


  1. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE حفظ مراقبت پيشگيرانه Our priority projects are preventive maintenance for public and private establishments. We believe that maintenance should be focused on solving problems before they occur.
  2. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE   حفظ و مراقبت روزمره We provide and willing to undertake any kind of daily maintenance operations in a most cost effective, competitive and creative performance and results.
  3. CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE حفظ و مراقبت‌ اصلاحي‌ Our expertise in maintenance engages us to work on projects focused on correcting costly and unsafely measures.
  4. CIVIL MAINTENANCE حفظ و مراقبت‌ ساختمانی Our civil maintenance includes tile lying, grouting, plumbing, and sanitary, carpentry, false ceiling, and other construction jobs.