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SET | Facility O&M HVAC Service
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SFP | Bedroom Set
SFP | Office Executive Desk Set
SFP | Modern Doors
Home & Office Decoration
SFP | Couch Set
Building Constructions
Building Constructions
Building Constructions
Building Constructions
Building Constructions
SET | Facility O&M Personnel Safety Training
SET | Facility O&M Electrical Services
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SET | Facility O&M Ground Keeping Service
SET | Facility Operation & Maintenance Services

Logistic Supply Service

Shakhes Group Logistics offering complete logistics solutions and specialized in Life Support Area ‘’LSA’’, Camp Management, Warehousing Solution and Transportation/Distribution. The company’s name reflects the team work and a strong leadership towards success.

We are an owners-managed business where the boss is just a phone call away. Decisions are made on the spot with no red tape or approval chains, while we have the agility and personal service of a smaller company, Shakhes Group logistics facilities and systems capabilities match those of any large competitor in our market.

Shakhes Group is specialized with strong corporate society in logistics systems which its primarily objective is to connect Afghanistan in terms of of its supply & services in the region to support the hub in re-construction, rehabilitation and peace keeping mission in the country and the region, Shakhes Group activities focuses on supply and logistics of construction and non-construction material and Services throughout the country and the region.

  • Home/Office Supply
  • Home/Office Furniture
  • Office Stationery
  • IT Equipment
  • Security Equipment
  • Military Tactical Gears
  • Building Materials
  • Vehicle Supply and Lease
  • Electrical Items
  • Heavy Duty Construction Equipment
  • Tents

Home/Office Furniture
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Home/Office Supply
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Office Stationery
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IT Equipment
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Security Equipment
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Building Materials

Electrical Items
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„ Customer-oriented and cost-effective provision “

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at the right time
at the right price
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in the right quantity
in the right quality

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