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Factory Ability

We “SHAKHES Group Carpentry Factory” would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading companies in the field of carpentry, interior decoration, and Below mentioned products and services in Afghanistan. We have achieved this reputation through capacity, professionalism and high quality of the products and services of offered. Our Carpentry Team has the perfect knowledge of art decoration and the wise ability of craftsman. Supported by modern technique, equipment and machinery which allow us to create any kind of inlaid منبت کاریand carving حکاکیwood works of incomparable beauty.

We are extremely proud to announce that we have fabricated and supplied decorative works to many residential apartments, Hotels, Wedding Halls and impressive shopping centers with pristine classic designs and most sophisticated wood engraving artist works. Our ample manpower and modern carpentry equipment/machinery enable us to meet any challenging tasks within the stipulated time period and satisfaction of our valued customers.

  • Decorative Office/Home Windows and Doors
  • Decorative Bedroom Set
  • Decorative Reception Counter
  • Decorative Office Executive Desk
  • Decorative Office Regular Desk
  • Decorative Computer Desk
  • Decorative Wardrobe & Closets
  • Decorative Bookcase/File Cabinet
  • Decorative Kitchen Counter and (Pantry) Cabinet
  • Decorative Wooden Ceiling
  • Decorative Wooden Wall Cladding and Skirting
  • Decorative TV Cupboard and Showcase
  • Decorative Wooden Flooring
  • Decorative Wooden Gazebo
  • Decorative Wooden Pergola
  • Decorative Wooden Housing
  • Decorative Wooden Booths
  • Decorative Wooden Structure
  • Decorative Wooden Partitions
  • Decorative Wooden Hand Rails
  • Complete Office/Home Furniture Solution

In Addition to the carpentry and joinery works, we do full interior design and construction of Bedroom, Hotels, shops, restaurants, wedding hall, coffee chops …etc. Our specialized designers will be able to prepare the preliminary drawings and working drawing, our offer can include for executing the wooden decoration, suspended ceiling, wall panels, decorative work and associated painting.

All interior decorative joinery works are part of our attractions. Our well trained team is ready to design and construct wide range of choices for our customers. A wide range of doors, windows, cupboards, kitchen, wall cladding and carving works with different kinds of solid wooden row materials (i.e. Archa ارچه وطنی ,Ebony چوب ابنوس , Teak چوب ساج , Walnutچوب چهار مغز ,Oakچوب بلوط , Beech چوب سرخ , Pine چوب کاج , Mahoganyچوب ماهون …etc. Three types of framework (Plywood, Black Board & MDF) are the topthree customers’ choice.

We are pleased to enclose a list of samples and works carried out by our company, from which you can realize our ability and potential to that we are able to complete any kind of works and would like to offer our services and best prices for the above browsing upon receiving your inquiries.

  • Retail and Whole-Sale
  • On Time Delivery.
  • Free Home and Offices Delivery 
  • Six Months Warranty After Sales
  • Free Assembling

Please feel free to contact us for further details or clarification, We assure you of our best Price and Service at all time.

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+93(0)706 8000 83                       
+93(0)776 8000 83                                 WWW.SHAKHESGROUP.COM
+93(0)796 8000 83                                 FACEBOOK:     SHAKHES GROUP
                                                                  TWITTER:         SHAKES_GROUP

 ADDRESS: Behind Cinema Barikot, District# 3 Kart-e-Char, Kabul, Afghanistan
آدرس دفتر: عقب سینما بریکوت، ناحیه سوم، کارته چهار، کابل، افغانستان

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